Chapter 1


Colorful dragons flooded out of the large cages that had contained them, all different colors and sizes of dragons scattering across the sky, blocking out the sun and causing elves, humans, and witches to go silent with amazement.
the war was won
dragons were finally free again.
Freya waited eagerly by the giant twisting oak tree. pacing back and forth and fiddling with little pieces of hair that fell into her face. pulling them back up into her white braids. she shifted nervously whenever she tried to hold still, so her salutation was to just keep pacing. she would see him today, the only reason she had gotten into this war seven years ago. the saddle was by the trunk of the tree, it had taken her at least four hours to drag it to the tree, even with the help of some the witch's magic. Freya went to rub her face but stopped, remembering the purple tribal paint marking her pale face. she resisted the urge and tried to hold still again. her foot started tapping and she huffed, energy coursing through her veins.
Finally, she heard it. like what a million helicopters would sound like if they all took off at once, the shadow covered half the meadow. Freya finally held still in awe. she had almost forgotten how big dragons were. The dragon landed in front of her and she felt the almost forgotten feeling of the mind meld. she could hear his voice now, his thoughts and tears rushed to her eyes, the dragon’s feet alone were the equivalent of sky scrapers. the dragon was huge. Her dragon was huge.
"Freya" the name was said softly in her head and she almost sobbed out loud
"Zenith" she whispered back to her old friend

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