Meet our Education Consultant

Bernadette McBride with a groupd of school children

“It was a pleasure to help the Liverpool City Region’s school children and further community develop and contribute stories about the Liverpool City Region through its trees. As Education Consultant for the Tree Story project, I was tasked with not only helping students to create stories inspired by the Liverpool City Region’s trees but with aiding schools in selecting one or more significant trees in close proximity to their respective schools – trees which would turn out to be of huge special cultural heritage and would act as vehicles through which to tell the multi-tapestried story of the Liverpool City Region. 

Work produced ranged from tree-themed poetry to fiction to meditation writing and even a tree manifesto! After a visit to each school involved, students and teachers selected trees ranging anywhere from a few decades old to several hundred years old. From poplar trees to sycamores, to monkey puzzle trees and many more. All trees held their own special story, and I set students to work as “tree detectives” to find out what had happened in local areas and over periods during each tree’s lifespan. We also thought about future roles each tree may play, especially when thinking about climate change.”

Bernadette McBride

If your school or family would like to have a go at some of the activities developed by Bernadette, head over to our Resources Page!