Want to share your own TreeStory? Here are 5 steps to help you…

1. Capture some photos

Use your phone or camera and go out and take some images of your favourite Liverpool City Region tree.

Then choose your favourite 6 images.

2. Write or record your TreeStory

This could be a poem, some history or perhaps a memory you share with a friend or loved one about the Tree.

This is a family friendly project, so please avoid any bad language or personal information. And keep your Story under 1000 words.

Prefer to record your story? Use your phone or computer to record your voice.

3. TreeStory location

We need to know where your tree is in the Liverpool City Region. Use our map when you upload to drop a pin in its place. If your Tree doesn’t exist anymore, put the pin where it was. Or if it’s in a private space like your garden, drop the pin nearby.

4. Contact details

We’ll need your email address to contact you when your TreeStory is live, and for you to approve our Terms and Conditions.

5. Don’t forget!

Your photos must be less than 2mb each and a jpg or png file. Audio must be less than 5mb and an mp3, mp4 or mp4a file. If you can, tell us what your tree is using this TreeGuide.

Video guide

Need a little extra help? Follow our video guide for uploading your TreeStory.

What happens once I've submitted?

We'll email your as soon as we've approved your upload and let you know once your TreeStory is live!

Ready to go?