Chapter 1

Even Hell can get comfy, once you've settled in

It isn't like they said. I don't hear people screaming in agony. I don't see suffering human beings. There's just silence, in a little village.
I don't stay in the village, though. Instead, She decided I should stay with Her. She did say I couldn't stay here forever. I understand that, but I can't imagine living in the village.
Because Hell might not be people screaming and suffering, it still is an awful place.
Every last day of the month, a Thing appears. There's not really a different way to describe It. It's a monstrous being that takes all the bad souls of Hell to his home. They presumably get eaten.
Lucy said I don't have to worry about anything. She'll keep me safe for as long as I stay with her. It's only for a while; until the administration has investigated my case.
I honestly think I don't belong in Hell. I haven't done a lot of sinful things. Of course, I have told lies sometimes, but if you get sent to Hell for that, Heaven is empty.

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