Chapter 1


There was once a silly witch who was the youngest and yet the most beautiful of them all. She lived in her small house between two parallel worlds.
The witch was in need of a few ingredients for her magic spell. For ingredients, she had to travel in the two worlds.
The first ingredient was grass from a big garden that had its place in World One, to call.
She began picking the amount of grass needed, but the people were very bad. They were yelling at her for destroying their beautiful garden. The witch was very confused.
"But it is just grass, my dears. I am not picking up any rare flowers and I do not destroy anything." The witch said.
"No! No! No! Grass is just as important as flowers!" The people responded. "We won't let you get easy if we catch you doing something like that again!"
Sad of all the bashfullness she endured, the witch thought on her way home:
"I thought this world allowed someone to take some grass..."

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