Chapter 1


The sound of a text wakes you from a dreamless sleep. You groan as you turn on your side to roll out of bed. Your feet hit the floor faster than you would’ve liked and the cold hardwood floor send chills down your spine. You rub your eyes and reach for your phone. It was a message from Garcia.
Garcia: Get to the conference room NOW! Will explain once every one is there.
You quickly lift yourself off of the bed and walk to your closet and get dressed. You try to be as quick as you can and still look presentable. You place your hair in a ponytail and grab your bag before making your way to your car and driving to the office. Once inside you see Spencer in the elevator. He seems tired, the bags under his eyes show as the light shines down on him. His outfit seems like it was pressed together in a hurry. He notices you and holds the door open by placing his hand over the side. He gives you a curt nod and once you are inside he slings his hand back and the doors close. Since starting your new job at the BAU Spencer had been quiet. Other than giving his usual thoughts about different cases he didn’t speak to you. He didn’t come off as rude or anything, just shy.
The elevator door dinged open and you both squeezed through and headed straight for the conference room. Once there Emily breathed out a sigh of relief. “Oh good you’re here, Garcia time to put it on screen.” You and Spencer took your spots at the table and Garcia took a deep and shaky breath. “Two hours ago scratch sent a package to Rossi’s house. The return address was to a house in Gaffney, South Carolina” She displayed a picture on screen of a knife, a hand, and a note in a box. She shuttered and you shook your head. Scratch had terrorized the team for months but never you. “Look at the hand, is that a constellation?” JJ asked and Garcia nodded. “Right you are” “that is the Lacerta constellation. The Lacerta constellation lies in the northern sky, between Andromeda and Cygnus. Its name means “the lizard” in Latin. Lacerta was created by the Polish astronomer Johannes Hevelius in 1687. It is a small, faint constellation that is sometimes referred to as Little Cassiopeia because its brightest stars form a “W” shape, just like the stars in the considerably larger Cassiopeia constellation.” Reid went on. You almost smiled. Despite the current situation you couldn’t help but find comfort in the way Spencer knew everything. He made you smile. When he went on a rant, read out loud to himself, or when he tried to be quiet you could still hear him whispering words as he flipped page after page.
“What’s the story behind it?” you asked trying to get him to continue. “The name Lacerta does not come from mythology. Johannes Hevelius introduced the constellation in Firmamentum Sobiescianum, his star atlas published in 1690. He gave the constellation an alternative name, Stellio, after a type of lizard known as a starred agama, but this name was not used much and soon fell into oblivion.” He smiled seeing your excitement in learning. “I wonder why he chose to put it on the latest victim” Rossi sighed and JJ shook her head. “Another clue probably.” “He may be trying to tell us something…but what?”
“What about the note?” you asked and Garcia nodded before switching to a different slide. “ASTRA INCLINANT, SED NON OBLIGANT” Spencer read aloud and you gave him a confused look. “It means ‘the stars incline us, they do not bind us.’ In Latin.” He nodded. Emily turned the screen off and stood in front of everyone. “Listen to me. We have to find him. He has killed too many, and cause too much stress and pain. I will not order a shoot on sight order…but I won’t blame you if it was self-defense.” Emily made everything clear before ordering everyone onto the jet and grabbing the materials needed. You made your way closer to the end of the jet where the snacks and drinks were. You fixed yourself a cup of coffee and sat down. You pulled up your laptop and started to look up pictures of Lacerta. Spencer sat down in front of you. You looked up and he sat down his coffee beside yours. “There’s something that’s been bothering me lately…” “What is it?” you ask taking a sip of your coffee.
“Scratch hasn’t targeted you…he hasn’t even mentioned you. So here’s my theory, I don’t know enough about you to profile you. Emily trusts you and that’s enough for me. Which only leaves one other option. Scratch must have something big planned for you.” Spencer looked down and you nodded. “I figured he would come after me eventually. The only issue is he comes after family and I have none. None I know about. I was left abandoned at a church and no one adopted me so I moved home to home. I finally got out at 18. Is that enough to profile?” you asked him.
He looked at you for a moment and hesitated before sighing. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know” he apologized. “It’s okay, you never really talk to me and I asked Penelope not to put it in my file.” You placed your coffee cup down. “How come?” he asked and looked up at you. “I didn’t want people’s pity. Besides, it’s a part of me I don’t want to remember.” You say reluctantly. “I understand why, but for you to go from one of the worst circumstances, literally nothing, to being a FBI agent. That’s unbelievably amazing!” he encouraged. “Thank you Spencer” you smiled and he nodded. “Just happy to help” he got up and went back to his seat. After Garcia briefed the team again they landed.

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