Chapter 1

My Thoughts

At some point in my journey through this battle we call depression, I went numb. I barely feel anything, I push all of my thoughts away, and it scares me, honestly. Where do these thoughts go? I'm just building up all of these emotions and bottling them up and... I'm scared when these emotions explode, it will be cataclysmic... and I'm completely and utterly terrified of that thought, so I push that away too. It's just how I cope with the sadness, the loneliness, the anger, the hurt, the pain, the feelings. It's all just numb, now.

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Unknown1932: Wow. I remember when I was just so depressed I just didn't care about anything anymore. It was terrible. The moment I realized what was keeping me from being ok, I had already gotten rid of what was preventing that. I never spoke to her again.
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alik j. seleoph: lovely. a great example of how depression can feel. how numb it can be. and how it feels to fear the explosion. how utterly lost we all feel drifting in the world.
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alik j. seleoph

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