Chapter 1


The cave was cold, dark, and unbelievably depressing. Making her way inside she lit a torch to light the way. It was early morning and Ira had to get to the cell as quick as she could to heal the honon or prisoner in English. As she entered she noticed a smell, unlike anything she had smelled before. One she got closer she realized what it was. a mixture of blood, sweat, and vomit. She covered her nose and turned away. She took a few deep breaths and turned back she seen a brighter light the further she went. She finally seen him. he was bound tightly to the wall and his head was tilting forward so she couldn't see his face. He didnt seem to be awake, so she got closer. three feet away from her was someone bad, that was all she knew about him and from the smell she knew the punishment was horrid. She took off her bag and brought out some of her medicine and etc...As she did so she did not notice the man starting to wake. "back for more huh?" he asked and she shook her head. "ai laik hir kom heal yu" she replied. "yeah blah blah cant understand anything your saying, but if you dare touch me ill kill you" he sneered and she sighed moving closer to him and for the first time, looked at his face. His neck was a purple color like someone tried to strangle him. His nose was bloody and his chest was covered in bloody cuts. She sighed and held a rag to his nose he flinched and struggled against the ropes. He tried to shake her away. He started yelling and cursing at her. "nou!" she shouted trying to calm him down but he did not listen. "nou! Stop!" she shouted and he froze. She backed away from him still holding the rag. "i am trying to help you" she glared and he looked at her in disbelief. "you speak English?" he asked his eyebrows furred and his eyes not leaving hers. "yes, I speak English all night bloods are taught the English language." she said confused why he did not know. "you're one of the sky people" she breathed out in disbelief. Instead of answering he continued to fight against his bindings. "please stop" she said noticing how badly the ropes were cutting into his skin. "i just came to heal you. So if you could not fight me and let me do my job I would appreciate that." she said and started to heal him again. It most of the day but she finally manged to heal most of his wounds. "your people, they haven't done anything to deserve this... I dont understand why they are hurting you." she said crossing her arms and siting in front of him. "they wanted information, so I gave it to them" he said. "what? why would you tell them about your friends?" she asked. "no offence..." "Ira" she nodded. " no offence Ira but they are not my friends and if you would not do the same thing if you were in my position then your a fool and you deserve to die." he explained and she thought for a moment. "i dont want to see a war happen...if you can go back and warn them maybe they can leave before they come after them" she quickly got up and started to untie him. "i dont even know your name and im risking my life for you." she shook her head and helped him up and out of the cave. "John me Murphy" he chuckled. "It is nice to meet you...Murphy. Go, if you turn right just before you get to the big oak you'll be able to sneak pass the guards. Warn your friends. if all goes well we might meet again. Maybe then I can teach you grounder" she said as he started to limp away. She sighed and went back into the cave to get her stuff. after she gathered her materials she walked outside the cave. Only to be stopped by Adio, a grounder that watches over most of the Honon. "ste em healed?" he asked and she bit her lip. "when ai walked in em was gone" she said looking down. He looked around and found Murphy's footprints. "em could nou don gotten far" he growled taking out his sword. "no!" she cried out pushing him down, she then started to run after Murphy following the tracks he made in the leaves and sticks. She was then jerked back by her arm and thrown on the ground. He put his sword to her throat before she could get up. "natrona" he glared and jerked her up. He called for a few more grounders some of which she did not know their names. They forced her out into the woods away from camp and tied her to a tree stump. She started to struggle against the ropes as she cried out. "nou! teik me go! beja!" adio took out his knife and struck her on the upper arm. she screamed out. "won" he smirked. "tu" another one said as he stuck her with his knife. on and on. Traitors are punished to death by a 100 cuts. 6, 7, 8. "look skai kru! kill em!" she heard them yell and they chased them off into the woods. Her vision was blurry and she was so weak. She had to get out. She had to get free before they came back and killed her. She let out as much air as she could and quickly wiggled out of the ropes. Her hands were still bound. She followed Murphy's tracks, leaning against trees to stay upright and falling every now and then. She eventually found a camp, by then she had lost a lot of blood and was barley limping her way inside. she finally collapsed at the doors and blacked out.

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