Chapter 1

Adventures in Truffles and Hedgehogs

I once had a small fortune in my life. I was around seven, and my grandparents lived in Northern France in some small town. As luck would have it, one day their dog dug up several burgundy truffles, and for those who aren't aware, these fungi are worth roughly $700 each. Luck would follow my grandparents, as their dog became very skilled in his truffle finding abilities. Sadly, no more than a month after their great discovery, my Grandfather died suddenly. We expected this eventually, but not quite in this way.
He was walking home from the market one day, when someone threw a microwave out their window in anger. My Grandfather unfortunately, just so happened to be directly under, and it hit him directly in the head. He never did like microwaves, thought they were cheating.
He left me all the truffle money they had saved, and my parents convinced me to give it back to my grandmother. I was however, fortunate enough to get $300 dollars out of the deal, and being a logical seven year old, spent it all on a hedgehog. His name was Prickles, I loved him more than anything in this world.
Not long after getting my dear Prickles, a new family moved in next door. They had a son, he was a grade ahead of me, and rode his bike all the time.
One day I was playing with Prickles, and he rides in on his bike.
"What's that?" He asked, rolling in dangerously close to me.
"Prickles, he's a hedgehog." I replied, matter of factly.
"Prickles? That's dumb, what about something like Spike?" He asked, dropping his bike in the grass and plopping down next to me.
I rolled my eyes, "Because I'm not stupid like you." We've been friends ever since.

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