Chapter 1

We Leave Nothing But Our Thoughts

You were awake, yet seemingly not, with your eyes shut and your breaths shallow as pain slowly started flooding through your body. You did happen to be conscious enough to notice you were lying on something soft yet almost springy. It was just comfortable enough to keep you lulled in a false sense of security for the few minutes that took your mind and body to fully wake up. Slowly, you moved your fingers over the surface you lied on and deemed the texture perfectly pleasant. For another bit you were perfectly content to roll the tips of your fingers rhythmically over the surface, but also deep down you knew you could not just lay here forever. How unproductive! Yet, still...
Forcibly ignoring your desires, you slowly opened your eyes. As expected, your vision was blurry and cut off in places as your eyes adjusted to the light (or lack of light? You couldn’t quite tell). Finally your eyes cooperatively stayed open and your vision evened out. Quite frankly, you could not believe your eyes. There were golden flowers underneath you and the sky was almost visible above you. You shot forward into a sitting position as a bundle of emotions made themselves known to you at the sudden realization that you were not where you were before. Your body, on the other hand, protested your sudden movement and caused you to cry out as sharp pain overwhelmed your senses, temporarily distracting you from your other predicament. Suddenly, you realize that you are not alone as you hear a couple of other voices from behind you. One or two were a “hello” while the rest you heard were noises one associated with waking up unhappily.
Slowly you turned around, and once more you couldn’t believe your eyes. There were a bunch-at least twenty-people around you. The few that were awake either nodded to acknowledge your existence, or gave a weary wave. You hesitantly nodded back to them as a nervous smile tugged at your lips. The others were shifting about as they began to wake up themselves. The process for the rest to wake up, realize that they were somewhere they weren’t before, and calm themselves down from their panic because of it was a slow process. Yet, it didn’t take as long as you expected and soon enough the lot of you were capable of exchanging names and where you were before you had woken up here.
Before long everyone had become acquainted with everyone and very few tempers were stirred in the process, but now came the big question: what now? You overheard someone mention getting up, and a boy to your right suggested you all try and find a way out of here. Both ideas were vigorously accepted, but not easily put into motion. Standing up with all the injuries between everyone turned out to be a rather painful, yet albeit almost amusing task between the groans and complaints. Although, to everyone’s relief, finding the room’s exit came much easier and slowly but surely you all headed away from the beautiful flowers and almost noticeable sunlight to see what awaited ahead.
So, yeah, I'm alive. I also still write on occasion. Amazing.
Happy New Year. Here's a thing to read.
EDIT: Title's inspired by Afterlife by Illenium!

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