Chapter 1

Constell [PROLOGUE]

My name is Constell Dare. Sometimes they call me DareDevil. Or, sometimes they call me....
Well, we aren't to speak any of those words. But we aren't there anymore, are we?
They call me Constellation.
We weren't allowed to speak of stars back then. Forbidden. But sometimes, we did. They blocked it out from us. We lived in a controlled dome. It was always like that, remained for a century.
Until I.
Until I ruined everything for them. I always do. I was tortured. Had my parents killed in front of my eyes. My brother tortured, then left to die. My friend tortured with my own hands. That's what they had to do. That's what they had to do!
They told me to be quiet. I didn't.
They told me to shut up. I didn't.
They told me to hide. I didn't.
They told me, "Watch your back".
I didn't.
Water is falling now, from the sky. No, it's rain, I remind myself. Rain. R-a-i-n.
Water is also falling from my eyes now. It's so strange, because I've never done it. Water from my eyes.
"Tears. Crying", I recall. That's what they called it, when my friend was tortured in front of my eyes, and that's what she did. Cry.
I'm so weak and frail....I could fall. I could fall and just close my eyes....
But no. I can't. I have to reach the place my teacher said. The only place where I could survive. The only place....
What was the name? I can't quite recall now.
Now I remember.
But I fall, and my legs are not movable. I can't move. But I can't stop now. Because they are waiting for me.
Those people of North America.

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